Real-time content recognition

For radio, TV and other streaming sources.

The world's most accurate content recognition.

Uncover hidden patterns in your data, and find valuable insights about monitored content.

Why Emy?


Emy is a specially designed storage for audio fingerprints built to quickly identify commercials or music playing on the broadcasted stream within seconds of starting playback.


Know who is listening to your music, or sharing the content you own without permission.


Whether you're looking to deploy Emy on your own servers or in the cloud, we've got a solution that will work for you.

Identify your content In real time.

Automatically identify what music is playing with our open-source fingerprinting technology. Battle tested in production, used by hundreds of developers around the world, with a great record of precision and recall.

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Dedicated Cloud For high volume clients.

Emy delivers high speed low latency response times in the most cost-effective way possible, so you can scale as needed without any interruption or downtime.

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Emy's reports will give you a Competitive edge.

You know what is popular, but do you know what content gets most of the air time? Find out with Emy reports.

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Community Edition For enthusiasts

Emy provides a free Community Edition version for non-commercial projects. Emy is free as long as your project does not generate revenue.

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Using Emy

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