Fast Storage for Audio Search

Searching audio content shouldn't be difficult

Designed to monitor ads on radio and TV streams, it can be used to detect both tagged tracks and untagged repeats.

Why Emy?


Emy is a specially designed storage for audio fingerprints. Designed to store audio fingerprints it provides unparalleled response times to queries.


Emy provides native .NET client you can use to save, retrieve, and delete audio entities. JSON API coming soon.


Want to have full control of your data? You can deploy Emy on your own infrastructure. Particularly useful for clients that need to process huge amounts of in house data.

Audio Search Fast and accurate.

Emy uses SoundFingerprinting library to generate audio fingerprints. An open source library written purely in C#. Battle tested in production, used by hundreds of developers around the world, with a great record of precision and recall.

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High availability For high volume clients.

Sharding and clustering support for clients that need to search through high amounts of data. Designed to replicate between clusters or regions, gracefully handles increased volumes by balancing requests from its clients.

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Saves successful matches Take action.

Once a track is matched you can generate reports, issue web-hook requests, or send SMS messages. Emy stores the match for a predefined period for reporting and statistics.

Community Edition For enthusiasts

Emy provides a free Community Edition version for non-commercial projects and audiophiles. Emy is free as long as your project does not generate revenue.

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Using Emy

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