How Emysound helps TVEyes search video content on more than 1,100 TV stations.

The Problem

One of the issues with audio fingerprinting applied on searching ads over television broadcast is that in certain industries, like automotive, it is very common to reuse the same audio tracks for different ads. The difference can be in displayed phone numbers, dealership information, commercial offer, etc.

TVEyes wants to identify exactly which ad is displayed, even when more than one audio track matches correctly.

Emysound helps solve this problem with video fingerprinting technology.

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The Solution

Conceptually, video fingerprinting solution works the same as audio fingerprinting.

The tagging operator selects the option to fingerprint both audio and video streams if the tagged ad is not unique (as ascertained by the audio track).

Once inserted, video fingerprints from 26,000 hours of daily content are matched against the inserted items. At peak times, TVEyes has more than 6,000 video ads that are searched in the broadcasted content. Emysound video fingerprinting can identify video matches even for the most difficult use-cases.


Daily more than 55,000 video ads are identified across 26,000 hours of video content.

55 000
Video Ads

identified daily

26 000

of video content

Having this technology allowed TVEyes to uncover even more detailed information about ads across automotive industries.

The accuracy is unmatched, as no other audio fingerprinting company can allow both audio and video matches to be found at the same time.

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