Top 5 TV Commercials from Super Bowl 2024

2024 Super Bowl commercials

Posted by Sergiu Ciumac
on February 11, 2024 · 5 mins read
Posted by Sergiu Ciumac
on February 11, 2024 · 5 mins read

Super Bowl commercials

Every year, the Super Bowl isn’t just a showcase of the best in football—it’s also the most anticipated event for advertising aficionados. The Super Bowl 2024 gave us a slew of spots that will be talked about for years to come. From humor to heartwarming moments, these commercials have it all. As we look back at the Super Bowl 2024, Emysound brings you the top 5 TV commercials that set the standard for creativity and engagement. Prepare to be entertained!

1. State Farm: Neighbaaa - featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger

State Farm’s charm was on full display with a humorous scenario involving none other than action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The confusion over the word “neighbaaa” in their iconic jingle makes for several laugh-out-loud moments. As Arnold struggles with pronunciation, it’s clear that State Farm’s message of being a reliable “neighbaaa” resonates with or without the linguistic mix-up. Arnold’s commitment to the comedy is what sells this spot, making it a standout this year.

2. BetMGM: Not for Tom Brady

BetMGM took a playful jab at none other than seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. This spot hilariously bans Brady from their services, underlining the idea that everyone can participate in sports betting—well, everyone but Tom. The spot goes the extra mile with reactions from various people, including “Tim Birdie,” only to reveal the legend himself in a failed disguise. It’s this light-hearted banter that makes us remember why the Super Bowl commercials are as much a game as the match itself.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts: Casting Call Turned Upside Down

In a comedic twist that only Dunkin’ Donuts could brew, Ben Affleck finds himself in the hot seat of a casting show, while his real-life partner, Jennifer Lopez, holds the judging reigns. With Matt Damon by his side, Ben belts out a Dunkin’-inspired tune that is, well, less than harmonious. Each off-key note and failed pitch is met with raised eyebrows and playful critiques from J.Lo, adding to the hilarity of the audition. The commercial plays on the couple’s dynamic, blending Boston bravado with sugary charm, creating a TV spot that is as sweet as it is funny. Ben’s playful attempt at serenading the judges with Dunkin’s menu is a testament to the lengths one will go for the love of coffee and donuts—or in this case, maybe love itself.

4. Uber Eats: Posh “Middle-Class” Revelations with the Beckhams

Uber Eats decided to serve up a slice of humor with a side of honesty in their Super Bowl commercial featuring the iconic British couple, David and Victoria Beckham. The spot cleverly references a previously leaked video where Victoria insists she comes from a middle-class background. Sitting primly on a couch, she makes her case to a skeptical reporter played by David, who probes for the truth with a cheeky persistence. The punchline comes when David asks the decisive question about what car her father drove her to school in. The underlying message? Sometimes honesty is the best policy—especially when it comes to ordering from Uber Eats. This ad’s wit and the Beckham’s self-deprecating humor make for a memorable TV spot that’s sure to be talked about long after the game is over.

5. Microsoft: AI Copilot

Futuristic and sleek, Microsoft introduced us to a world assisted by AI Copilot. This commercial stood out for its innovative take on how artificial intelligence might simplify our daily routines and empower us to achieve more. The minimalistic approach and subtle narrative are what sets this TV spot apart, making us ponder the possibilities ahead.

Hope you enjoyed our list!

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