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TVEyes is a broadcast media monitoring company that makes it easy to search TV and radio content.

With TVEyes you get complete coverage reports on topics of interest, making it an indispensable tool for journalists, PR managers, and business analysts.

Commercial ads monitoring is a critical area for competitor analysis. Delivering accurate data in real-time about what ads are televised right now is important for businesses.

Why Emysound?

Emysound helps TVEyes to identify pre-inserted ads on more than 1,100 TV stations. It searches through more than 26,000 hours of daily audio content.

At peak times, TVEyes has more than 300,000 ads monitored in real-time.

1.7 million

Daily Emysound reports more than 1.7 million hits with the match starting time accuracy kept under 1.5 seconds.

2 min delay

The delay between the air time and match getting detected by Emysound is no more than 2 minutes.

Matches are available for instant search and filtering through the Emysound interface. Finding what commercials got broadcasted at any particular time is easy and intuitive.

To provide the most accurate matches, only those commercials that report 40% coverage are emitted by Emysound.

Coverage information on all commercials gives a detailed view of the on-screen time of the ad. When Emysound reports the hit, we are sure the ad was indeed aired on the TV station.

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Providing real-time match information gives a competitive advantage to clients that need to receive it as close as possible to the broadcasting time. Emysound handles the load perfectly, keeping the infrastructure costs low and supporting TVEyes stringent up-time requirements.

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