Top 5 New and Noteworthy TV Commercials to Kick Off 2024

January 2024 top 5 new commercials aired in the United States

Posted by Sergiu Ciumac
on January 28, 2024 · 4 mins read
Posted by Sergiu Ciumac
on January 28, 2024 · 4 mins read

Noteworthy January 2024 TV commercials

As we settle into the new year, brands are refreshing their marketing strategies with creative and catchy TV commercials that are capturing viewers’ attention across the United States. Here at Emysound, it’s our job to keep a keen eye—and ear—on what’s hot on the airwaves. Our real-time monitoring and retrospective search capabilities allow us to provide the most up-to-date insights into what commercials are resonating with audiences. In January 2024, we’ve seen some standout TV spots that have made their mark. Let’s dive into the top 5 new and noteworthy TV commercials aired across the US, showcasing how these brands kick off their year with a bang.

1. Panera Bread: Savor The Warmth For Less

Panera Bread brings comfort during the chilly January weather with their heart-warming offer. Their TV commercial highlights a can’t-miss deal: enjoy a cup of their signature soup for just one dollar with an entree, exclusively through their app. It’s an enticing offer that’s sure to lure customers seeking warmth and value.

Video 1. - Panera Bread Airings Count: 60200

2. Gold Bond: Nourishment for Ever-Changing Skin

A skin-care staple, Gold Bond, reminds us that our skin’s needs are always evolving. Their latest TV spot shows off their healing lotions, packed with moisturizers and vitamins, promising relief and care for all skin types. With its comforting message, this ad has been soothing viewers across the nation.

Video 2. - Gold Bond Airings Count: 39417

3. Domino’s Pizza: Endless Combinations, Endless Enjoyment

Domino’s Pizza strikes again with a tantalizing offer in their new TV commercial. They tempt us with the prospect of customizing our own large two-topping pizza at a price that’s hard to ignore. A nod to their endless topping combinations stirs the imagination—and the appetite.

Video 3. - Domino's Airings Count: 36938

4. Ferrero: A Luxurious Bite

Indulge in opulence with Ferrero’s latest TV spot for their Rivera Rachey. They showcase the allure of their smooth chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts, all wrapped in gold—a visual and metaphorical treat for the senses that’s sure to entice chocolate lovers.

Video 4. - Ferrero's Airings Count: 24629

5. McDonald’s: Savings With Your Favorites

The Golden Arches of McDonald’s brighten our screens with their TV commercial featuring an all-too-familiar scene of family generosity, coupled with an incredible offer. Buy one Big Mac and get another for just one dollar, a deal that speaks to the heart of fast food lovers.

Video 5. - McDonald's Airings Count: 26624

Keep your brand on the cutting edge, and check back with us for more updates on the most engrossing TV commercials making waves across the nation.

Emysound is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this blog post and does not endorse any products or services mentioned. All trademarks remain property of their respective holders. Media clips are for Internal Review, Analysis and Research only.

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