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Get advanced insights by tracking your content across channels, markets, networks, and more.

A histogram outlining matches count for Phoenix motors ads

Upload tracks
you want to monitor

These can be ads, songs, and generally any audio content you want to match on air. Uploading can be done via backoffice interface, or programmatically using our API.

Upload tracks backoffice interface

Select the US channels you
want to track.

Emysound has access to over 1000 stations both broadcast and cable. These are monitored 24/7 and will return matched results on your tracks in near-real-time.

Select channels to monitor backoffice interface

Navigate to the Matches page

Matches page will provide you with matched results. These can be downloaded in CSV format. The matches page provides additional filters that will allow you to analyze results directly in the Emysound dashboard.

Matches page in the backoffice interface

Preview individual matches

Each individual match can be previewed. The player will display aired content on matched station, which will allow you to asses the accuracy and details of the match.

Emysound, also provides a rich API that allows integrating it with the third party systems.

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