Welcome to Emy!

Getting started with Docker

Try out Emy Community Edition with Docker. To start Emy server, type the following command into your command prompt.

docker run -p 3399:3399 -p 3340:3340 addictedcs/soundfingerprinting.emy

Once executed, the command will download Emy image and start the server. Backoffice application will be available on port 3340. You will be able to access it in your browser localhost:3340

Native C# library

Install native .NET client for Emy via NuGet

Install-Package SoundFingerprinting.Emy

SoundFingerprinting.Emy is a native .NET Standard 2.0 compliant library. You can reference it from any dotnet projects running on Unix, Mac or Windows.


Emy server provides JSON API endpoints that can be accessed using HTTP protocol. This allows using Emy server from any programming environment.

Standalone executable

Emy runs on Unix, OSx, and Windows. If you need corresponding executables drop us a note.